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기념 오쿠라 컬렉션

Audio guides and written explanations are available in multiple languages for the Special Exhibition (3rd floor) and the Cultural Exchange Exhibition (4th floor). Try our audio guide and explore Japanese history from an Asian historical perspective.
Audio guide headsets in multiple languages are also provided for the Super Hi-Vision Theater (inside Cultural Exchange Exhibition on the 4th Floor) and can be borrowed free of charge.

三楼 特展
四楼 文化交流展
我馆四层文化交流展厅内的“超高清视频影院”中播放的所有内容皆配有中文语音。 观众可在影院门口免费租用耳机。

규슈국립박물관에서는 <3층 특별전시실>과 <4층 문화교류전시실> 내에 한국어 전시해설 및 음성가이드 등을 마련하고 있습니다. 부디 이용해 주시기 바랍니다.
<슈퍼 하이비전 시어터>(4층 문화교류전시실 내)의 외국어 음성 지원도 제공하고 있습니다. 한국어 음성 가이드를 무료로 대여하실 수 있습니다.

About Kyushu National Museum
Kyushu National Museum (Kyuhaku) was the latest national museum founded on October 16,2005. There are three other national museums located in Tokyo, Nara and Kyoto. The concept of Kyuhaku is “ Gaining a fuller understanding of the formation of Japanese culture against the backdrop of Asian history”. Exhibitions, cultural properties conservation and research, and educational programs are planned in line with this concept. There are new surprises awaiting every visit.

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