Ajippa is the free interactive exhibition gallery that allows visitors to experience the objects from numerous countries with the five senses. Would you like to take off your shoes and step into Ajippa for the fun and interactive museum experience?


It is as if you have stepped into the lively open space of an Asian market. Ajippa displays objects such as household goods, toys and clothes of Asian and European countries that had interactions with Japan historically. “How was this made?” “How do I play with this?” Explore and discover the objects through your five senses.


The “Ajian” displays the special recommendations of Ajippa. The theme is changed periodically according to the seasons, events and festivals.


Climb, dive, peek… “Tanada” is like the secret base for the visitors. Dive under the structure and listen to the street sounds and music of various countries. Visitors can also see videos of how objects are made in these countries. Climb up the steps and you would discover holes in the walls! What did you see after taking a quick peek?